What Does a Back Adjustment Do? A Guide for Tampa Residents

what does a back adjustment do

If you struggle with chronic back problems, you’ll likely explore various treatments to find relief. Perhaps chiropractic treatment has piqued your interest. What does a back adjustment do to relieve pain? Tampa’s trusted chiropractor at Pro-Health offers professional insight to help you learn more. 

What Is a Back Adjustment?

A back adjustment is a treatment that chiropractors use to relieve symptoms caused by spinal misalignments. Some misalignment symptoms include:

  • Pain from sciatica and similar conditions 
  • Limited range of motion
  • Back or neck soreness
  • Recurring headaches and migraines
  • Fatigue

A back adjustment may resolve or lessen these issues. When a chiropractor readjusts your back, they guide your spine back into a healthy position, which can help reduce pain.

Types of Back Adjustments

The type of back adjustment used to improve your spinal alignment depends on your chiropractor’s assessment of your condition and their preferred approach. The four most common treatments include:

  • Pushing joints into place using fingers and hands: Most Tampa patients are familiar with this approach. The chiropractor manually applies pressure to the misaligned region to realign joints. 
  • Using a drop table: You lie on a table that resembles a massage bed. The chiropractor adjusts the table according to your needs to relieve pressure and encourage alignment. 
  • Applying precise pressure with an activator: The chiropractor presses this hand-held device against a misaligned area. The device emits electrical impulses that encourage blood flow and muscular flexibility. 
  • Recommending a daily stretch or exercise routine: Sometimes, regular exercises do the trick without further intervention. They may also complement other chiropractic treatments. 

What Does a Back Adjustment Do?

What does a back adjustment do to relieve symptoms? 

  • Adjustments may improve circulation to muscles and other soft tissue surrounding the misalignment, reducing inflammation and stiffness. 
  • You might display better posture, which relieves spinal pressure overall. 
  • Your sleep quality might improve since pain and discomfort no longer interrupt your rest.
  • Small improvements to your range of motion could lead to increased mobility as treatment continues. 

These results target the primary symptoms associated with back misalignment. As symptom intensity decreases, your quality of life improves. 

Anticipating the Results of an Adjustment

The immediate outcome and long-term results of chiropractic treatments differ for all Tampa patients. Some have no side effects immediately following an adjustment. Others need physical rest for the remainder of the day. 

Regardless, chiropractic treatment could provide a flexible and effective option for you. A study featured in the National Library of Medicine examined spinal manipulations compared to other back pain treatments. It found that back adjustments worked just as well as other treatments, like physical therapy and regular exercise. Manipulations could also work more effectively as the sole treatment for chronic low back pain. 

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