How to Get Rid of Tennis Elbow with a Tampa Chiropractor

how to get rid of tennis elbow

Do you feel pain in your elbow that’s affecting your ability to perform common everyday tasks? You’re probably wondering how to get rid of tennis elbow. Keep reading to learn what a trusted chiropractor in Tampa, FL, thinks you should know about tennis elbow, including what causes it, the symptoms, and how a chiropractor can help treat it.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a term for specific pain experienced in the elbow, often caused by repetitive movements. Also called lateral epicondylitis, athletes, plumbers, artisans, and musicians are all at increased risk for the condition.

As a form of tendonitis, inflammation is the primary cause of the condition, and it often arises from injury, wear and tear, or other inflammatory conditions or immune deficiencies. In non-athletes, most cases occur in people ages 35-55.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms

If you’re wondering how to get rid of tennis elbow, first learn to identify the symptoms. Symptoms of tennis elbow include:

  • Inflammation and pain in the elbow that radiates into the wrist or forearm
  • Pain that worsens over time
  • Pain that flairs up during typing, opening a door, lifting, or making a fist
  • A weak grip

Common Causes of Tennis Elbow

Damaged tissues are the most common cause of tennis elbow, which arises from repetitive stress, injury, medical conditions, or degradation from age. Bone spurs, which are bony growths in your joint, can also damage the tendon. If you move your arm when you’re already experiencing inflammation in your elbow, it can make the condition worse.

How a Tampa Chiropractor Helps Treat Tennis Elbow

When you visit a chiropractor in Tampa, what does the treatment for tennis elbow look like? In addition to prolonged rest, using the following options mitigates or eliminates the symptoms of tennis elbow in most people.

Pain Management

Non-prescription pain management, like NSAIDs, can help manage the pain while you rest the joint. Given enough time, the inflammation usually disappears in minor and moderate cases. An icepack can also dull the pain while helping the inflammation heal faster.

Technique Training

If you’re an athlete, your chiropractor can help you develop better techniques to prevent painful injuries or inflammation. They can also help advise you on possible equipment changes, such as grip size, that reduce the potential for inflammation. The chiropractor can also provide stretches and exercises that can strengthen your elbow and prevent further injury.

Chiropractic Treatments

Your chiropractor can adjust your elbow to prevent inflammation from misalignment, and myofascial release can reduce scar tissue. Electrical stimulation can reduce inflammation and promote increased circulation for faster healing.


In severe cases, tennis elbow may require surgery, which requires little recovery time and offers a high rate of success.

Let the Pro Health Team Treat Your Tennis Elbow

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