Can a Chiropractor in Tampa, FL, Fix My Jaw Alignment?

can chiropractor fix jaw alignment

Few things can make you appreciate pain-free jaw functions like a misaligned jaw. Once you begin experiencing symptoms related to misalignment, you might ask yourself, “Can a chiropractor fix my jaw alignment? What should I do to treat this?” Pro-Health’s chiropractor in Tampa, FL, responds with detailed guidance below.  

What Is Jaw Misalignment?

Jaw misalignment typically occurs when temporomandibular joints that connect the lower jaw become inflamed from stress, overuse, or teeth grinding. It might occur because of a broken or dislocated jaw in rarer cases. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research states that TMJ disorders affect between 5% and 12% of the known population.

As the jaw muscles tighten from inflammation and strain, they cause pain and discomfort. You might also suffer from:

  • Mild headaches or severe migraines
  • Clicking or popping noises when you open and close your mouth
  • Ringing ears and ear blockages
  • Neck soreness
  • Speech difficulties
  • Teeth that have worn down from constant grinding

These symptoms are typically mild. However, they can become unbearable for some Tampa residents. 

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Experienced chiropractors traditionally begin a treatment program by consulting with their patients. They’ll learn more about the symptomatic area and ask questions about what triggers the pain. The information they learn will determine their chosen chiropractic treatment. 

Some approaches your chiropractor may try include:

  • Jaw joint adjustments: Your chiropractor gently applies pressure to your jaw, using their fingertips to work cartilage, muscles, and bone. 
  • Soft tissue massages: These massages involve gentle, repetitive strokes around the affected area. 
  • Neck adjustments: Sometimes, neck soreness and immobility can affect the jaw. Adjusting the neck and improving its range of motion can relieve jaw misalignment. 
  • Deep tissue massages: This treatment works similarly to soft tissue massages. It differs in that it involves more intense pressure.
  • Workouts targeting jaw flexibility: Your chiropractor may teach you some exercises to help relax your jaws. You can use these alongside your other treatments. 

Can a Chiropractor Fix My Jaw Alignment?

A Tampa chiropractor may be able to fix your jaw alignment after a proper assessment. You can use their services alone or in conjunction with other treatments from a dentist. A chiropractic adjustment doesn’t require prescription drugs or invasive approaches and should not interfere with other dental or medical services.

How Chiropractic Treatment Benefits TMJ

Your treatment results may vary, depending on your prognosis and your chiropractor’s approach. However, many patients enjoy relief following their first adjustment session. A case study available on the National Library of Medicine’s website also notes that chiropractic adjustments may:

  • Improve jaw function and range of motion
  • Alleviate pain and swelling
  • Reduce popping, clicking, and other jaw noises
  • Decrease the number of headaches and ear symptoms

After the initial treatment cycle, your chiropractor might recommend reducing your appointments to maintenance sessions. 

Let Pro-Health in Tampa, Florida, Remedy TMJ and Other Persistent Issues 

Can a chiropractor fix your jaw alignment? There is a strong chance they can. Pro-Health in Tampa, Florida, offers comprehensive chiropractic services from qualified and experienced professionals.

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